‘Peace Talks’ are falling down

‘Peace Talks’ are Falling Down—They have not fallen yet; they are falling. And I am only trying to accelerate their downfall, because…because they are futile, denigrating, and farcical.

I will call a spade a spade; it was only recently I could make up my mind that I am against the so-called ‘peace process’. It gave me a hell of time trying to figure it out: should I be with or against the peace process?

True. It won’t make such a huge difference. Nor will it change the course of these ceremonial negotiations. And surely it will never rob our puppets of their glamorous grins lavishly scattered hither and thither. My attitude, like any other Palestinian’s, will not rob them of their presumably broad appetite while sitting at one table with the perpetrators of the ugliest and most brutal massacres in the history of Palestine. None of that will my attitude pose the least threat whatsoever to.

At one table also with my fellows, the subject of the ‘peace process’ was addressed. I was more daring this time, speaking up my mind, perhaps trying to formulate my stance by the mere act of opposing. I stated that I am not against ‘peace’. I am with going to the White House and holding these negotiations, hopefully it will bring about some stability and peace to the region.

This last talk, in fact, helped me to some degree demystify the blurry picture of the reality of these talks. But I hadn’t adopted a decision yet. When I was asked to do a short recording, speaking of my thoughts concerning the peace process in progress, I, and without a hesitation, refused. My thoughts were still unclear to me, and I was confused. The same happened when I was asked to write an op-ed for a newspaper. I knew nothing.

The brightest things to us usually seem to be the most perplexing. Why should I think twice before I say no to shaking hands with the very persons who are labeled as my enemy. I am not to speak of the heartbreaking suffering of my people, their hardships and anxiety. Nor will I address the cruelty of the enemy. An enemy cannot be merciful to you—logic. But you must be merciful to your own people. You are at their service. I was taught that leadership means service. To be a good leader is to offer the best service for your community. Then why is it so hard to yield to your own people’s desires?

I used to believe that it’s shameful to call your president a ‘traitor’, and I still do. He is there for you. He is as Palestinian as you are, even more. Whether he was right or wrong, you shouldn’t be calling him a ‘traitor’. I was reading the other day that our president, or our ex-president,  is suffering from exhaustion and stress, apparently due to the unstable life and hard decisions he’s bound to make. Well, right, that’s his job, and he shouldn’t have been a president in the first place, but is he a traitor?

Sorry for straying off the main topic. I was saying ‘peace talks’ are falling down, falling down. I am against the ‘peace talks’. The reason? Simply, a veteran psychiatrist and noted philosopher wrote that, “Decolonization is always a violent phenomenon.”—and I think he’s quite right. I am not a fanatic. I neither hate peace, nor do I spread hatred. In fact, I am the most desperate man who is in need for peace because I am sick of war and blood. I always thought I want to travel and have an MA in English Literature, and then I will come back home and make a good deal of money; maybe I will get married and have children, then who knows? I might travel again and get a PhD and so on and so forth. But things usually don’t go the way we want them to go. There should be the public interest; there should be some sense of patriotism guarding us and controlling the way we think, and behave, not necessarily how we speak.

We can’t live in peace with the Israelis. Fact.

We can’t live in peace with a people whose very presence is intimidating to ours, and vice versa. This land was inhabited by a people (whether this people was a sacred one or not isn’t an issue to discuss here). before the Israelis started to immigrate to it in the early 1880s. Now, they had to overcome that dilemma of the people inhabiting this land, and numerous proposals, humane and inhumane, were schemed to solve it, but none could put an end to this ever-growing race of humans. Sixty-two years after the Nakba, the Palestinians haven’t vanished yet! Good God! Were they really expecting them to vanish? Fine then, they have increased in number and become more rooted, determined, and, thanks to the Israelis, more Palestinian. How can a few rounds of  ‘peace talks’ which will last no longer than a year end years and years of conflict and vendetta? How can you be discussing peace with the very people who are sabotaging your life on a daily basis. Scenes of a massive wall, countless checkpoints, immense settlements, corrosive fences, bludgeons and guns, cellars, tunnels and corpses would recapitulate the routine of life in Palestine. Talking of peace and constructing a new settlement on a land where an allegedly Palestinian state would be established—can’t the Israeli workers stop work until their leaders end the ‘peace talks’ meeting? Then, they can go on. I mean it’s just so bitterly humiliating. Mercy, For God’s sake!

We are fed up. And the ‘peace talks’ are unfortunately groundless, baseless, and such a big forgery. That’s why they are falling down, falling down. When the ‘peace process’ break down, I will sing,

‘Peace talks’ are falling down, falling down,

Falling down, falling down.

‘Peace talks’ are falling down,

My fair lady.

Mohammed Rabah Suliman

September, 19


5 responses to “‘Peace Talks’ are falling down

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  2. Mohammed, if you really attemp to sing, prepare yourself soon as what so called peace talks will fall down within days!. It’s the biggest joke that they wanna from us to believe, it’s called ” {Peace industry). Unlike all products, this one does not have an outcome. We just keep talking forever seeking our ” enemy” mercy to give us a part of our land to build “an independent ” state to live ” peacefully” with them. Really, it’s the joke of season!. The question that everone needs to raise is ” Why did they steal our lands by war if they wanna give it back to us by peace, in the first place?!. If anyone is interested in knowing the answer, just ask a child in Gaza’s streets!

  3. Those American leaders, allied with the Jews, are always trying to satisfy and gratify The Palestinians by some motionless rounds of negotiations, and the poor Palestinian leader believes them and stoops to gathering with the pigs there though he knows his “loyal Peaple” disagree with him.

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  5. Mohammed never fails to impress. I love his style, his ideas and is passion.

    can’t wait to see you published, mate!


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