Itamar killings: a modest proposal

No one approves of killing children — unless you were a T-Bag* of course. No one approves of killing in the first place. But this isn’t a utopia. This is the real world. Full of corruption, lust, obnoxious deeds, crimes and misdemeanors. So the very idea of eliminating murder is unfathomable, especially when the state of animosity between the murderer and their victim is as extreme as in this part of the world. Killing thus can be rationalized.

The same applies to killing children. But there is some criteria according to which one’s killing (children) can be defined as either permissible or outrageous.

Palestinians are said to have killed some Israeli children, three I believe? That was a week ago, in Itamar, y’know, some piece of land Israeli settlers stole, no that wasn’t stealing, they grabbed from Palestinians by force and built their houses on it. It was awful, mean and outrageous…I mean the killing. Not that the criminal murdered children (we already agreed ‘murder’ can be okay sometimes) but the way he did it! Oh, that was terrible.

You see, Israelis killed Palestinian children too. They have been killing them for the past 63 years. 124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,452 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

But that isn’t bad killing. That is “good” killing because Israelis killed Palestinian children in a civilized manner, they killed them the right way, they killed them “well”, using modern technology, F16s, Apaches, bombs (there is a good one called white phosphorus bomb) tanks, y’know, machine guns, they killed Palestinian children with bullets, mortars…everything modern and new. Technology; you see?

But a knife? – This is what makes such an act outrageous. How can someone stab three children with a knife? Stabbing them to death…

When would Palestinians stop being primitive? Uncivilized, barbaric, bad killers, using knives to kill children! After all, all that Israel is about is “serving as the outpost of civilization against barbarism.”

Indeed, what a goon! Couldn’t he drop a phosphorus bomb that would burn an entire body from flesh to bones within seconds on this Israeli family? He would have had them all killed, and still no one would dare say something against him!

Or better still, couldn’t this barbaric terrorist throw several ton bombs on the Israeli family to ensure himself all of them would drop dead at once?

Why on earth didn’t he camouflage the army soldiers, get into an apache and, shell the Israeli family continuously for quarter an hour?

I think I’m totally against killing overall. I’ve got a better idea. Why should he kill them? Revenge, maybe. Well, he could have tortured them. I mean, he could have sneaked into the power plant and turned power off. They would have sat in the dark for some time!

That, indeed, would be such a perfect revenge.

*T-Bag is the most villainous character in the American series, Prison Break, who is being continuously despised by the other convicts for his heinous crimes and perverted desires.

Mohammed Rabah Suliman
23th March


7 responses to “Itamar killings: a modest proposal

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  2. It is worthy to note that it isn’t yet confirmed who committed the murder of the 3 children- said to be Palestinian, however. Even if that is the case, your words just have it =(
    What a complicit world….

  3. Duh! Israel already proved that one Israeli life is worth roughly one Palestinian life in 08/09 (13 soldiers to 1300 Palestinians, I know the number is actually higher). There’s a media blackout on what happened to the arrested Thai workers. And did any of the 18 killed in Gaza this week get a mention in the western newspapers? Nope, but the Fogel family enjoyed a large detailed front page, with names/ages/hobbies included.

  4. Lovely. Unfortunately part of being Palestinian means that no matter what happens we are the guilty ones. The main suspect is a Thai worker (Allah yikhzee) but of course now it’s too late for the rest of the world to know that because Israel screamed wolf before they knew what happened. Subhan Allah, Israeli kids barely ever get killed but they get all of the condemnation (not that I think that’s wrong) I’m just saying I wish the beautiful babies of Palestine were equal to those who stole our land.

  5. Killing is no killing is not killing
    Murder is not murder is not murder

    “we already agreed ‘murder’ can be okay sometimes” – no we never agreed that murder was ever ok, you did!!

    We dont deliberately go find people to kill, yes civilians get killed and no we do not like it when it happens but we cannot always control that especially when your civilians decide to hang around during a war or are forced to stay during a war, we dont bomb civilians on purpose, mistakes happen and many missions are aborted when there are civilians spotted, but you dont care about that do you??

    going into someones house with intent to kill is not the same as attacking back at terrorists without knowing that civilians are around…. dont delude yourself like the rest of the morons on the planet do…

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