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I am Mohammed Rabah Suliman, 22 years. I’m Palestinian from Gaza . I currently undertake my graduate programme in Human Rights at the London School of Economics.

Due to the fact that I have lived most of my life, and will be soon back to live, in a region which is characterised by political turbulence, instability and violence resulting from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people and their land, I found myself obliged to record my views, experiences, and diaries as I witness them firsthand. Therefore, I have created this blog so that people can read and become more familiar with the lives of Palestinians away from the illusively complex political speeches and enigmatic media analyses. I will be glad to receive any comments, and all suggestions are highly appreciated.

People who have never been to Gaza mostly form an image of life in Palestine, in Gaza particularly, as full of misery and suffrage where there is no room for a peaceful moment to live. My blog, however, is to talk of peace as well as of war. This blog is dedicated to Gaza and its people. This blog is where you can read about the life of a UN student, a taxi driver, a farmer, an engineer, a doctor, a resistance fighter; the life of a boy, a girl, a mother, a father, the life of Palestinians both in peace and war.

“The very word per se is evocative of a whole lot of irreconcilable senses: of life and death, of delight and misery, of excitement and wretchedness, of hopefulness and despair, of Hamas and Fateh; and, not understandably, of Al-Ahli and Al-Zamalek. Gaza, the word, by its own nature, and upon the mere pronunciation of it, automatically conjures up two images deeply inculcated in the memory of every Gazan: one of Fares Oda, unflinchingly facing a tank and throwing it with a stone, and the other Mohammed El-Dorra, embraced by his father, and crying for his life. The word, although light as it seems, weighs heavily upon the heart of its enemies.


8 responses to “About me

  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم يا محمد!
    At the moment I discovered, through CIP, your interesting blog. I wish you success in your life and your studies.
    I hope that the revolution in Egypt will succeed; it is very important for you Palestinians, particularly for residents of Gaza who are suffering because of Zionist-Egyptian blockade. The Camp David agreement must be cancelled. Know that there are also anti-Zionist Jews who support the Palestinian resistance.

    بارك الله فيك!

    Hadassah BORREMAN

  2. Ever since I’ve started studying the Palestinian – Israeli conflict in school 4 years ago I have found myself fascinated by it and its complexity. (That sounds horrible, that’s not how I mean it – I promise)
    Most of the blogs that are around, however, are usually by people older so it is nice to read something by someone who is a uni student and so close to my own age. And that the views are going to be different from the older generations.
    Good luck with your studies ^^

  3. Now that Egypt will open the border there is new hope. That is a wonderful result of the Arab Spring. I wonder if the siege has produced any socialist organization in Palestine? Only the most extreme measures can hope to prevail against world-wide Zionism. Your blog in EI seems to indicate you see how corrupt Palestinian society is. Only a socialist egalitarian program can combat that. Whether it is possible to create a socialist society is not the question. The point is to free a part of Palestine from all the Zionist/capitalist crap. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    Uncle Tom

  4. You right eloquently and poetically and I wish you all the best.

  5. Yours is writing that I’ve never read. You boiled everything to it essence and it’s very refreshing to hear everything first hand and not via CNN or the other news channels where they only talk about how many israeli’s were killed etc. I wish you everything of the best, and In sha Allah, Palestine will be FREE.. MaAsalamah

  6. syabas mohammed , i pospey from Malaysia was follow your blog. We here support what your faithing. we hope one day Palestine become free.

  7. Mohammed, thank you for sharing your touching stories with us. I am a human rights activist with the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation and the International Solidarity Movement. There are many causes in the world I could and would stand for but my heart is with Palestine and our friends in besieged Gaza. I once prayed that God would only reveal absolute truths to me or reveal nothing at all. In return He not only opened my eyes to see but also my heart to feel and enter the cruel reality of His people in the most holy of lands. Your writings are one more confirmation and an affirmation that I am also now part of besieged ones along with my brothers and sisters in Palestine! I understand your sense of inability to escape the reality even if you are physically not there. My friend, I have never been to Palestine/Gaza physically but I feel part of my soul transcends the great distance each day and chooses to remain there under siege. I do not know when Palestine will be free or how it will happen but as one who deals in only absolute truths, I can tell you this….Palestine will be free and the Zionist oppressor will suffer total defeat.
    Knowing God does answer prayers, I now contend with Him daily and demand justice and liberation for Palestine. God’s answer to me is, “The fight for freedom is won one heart at a time!” My heart is one with you and the people of Palestine and it is determined to fight for freedom until the end.
    P.S. Oh and as it turns out, God is also quite a negotiator…one of the conditions in exchange for revealing absolute truth is that upon receiving …I must act on it, so I am now also a new convert to Islam and your Muslim sister! An added bonus I did not expect! All praise to Allah!
    In the spirit of the holiday season, I do wish you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings for the New Year that will see good changes!

  8. Mash’Allah Mohammed…Your knowledge on Gaza is AMAZING!!!! SubhanAllah

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